COVID 19 Survey - Social business Finance4SocialChange

3. Nov 2021

Contribute to our Finance4Social Change COVID survey


Finance4SocialCahnge has contributed in teh last 3 years to social impact investment through strategy support and practical offers to the community of finacing actors accross the entire region. As well a Social Impact Investment Strategy for the Danube region was prepared and presented recently.

However, teh pandemy has changed the current work of social business and F4SC contributes with a survey to assess the current obstacles and measures of the business to ensure theri durable and sustained business operation, information that reflects on current efforts of social impact investing and social entrepreneurship in the Danube Region.

The survey was developed by the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (, our German project partner in F4SC, all relevant data protection and DSVG rules apply fully to any survey data submitted during the activity. Please be so kind to visit the survey and provide necessary data to enable also further support from F4SC in the upcoming two months till project conclusion!

Find here the link to the survey:

We kindly thank all those that have already sent their feedback in response to our personal contacting and requests during the last weeks!


Tags: Danube Region, financing, social change

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