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The project is establishing a community of public administrators and stakeholders in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy to support us and participate in the co-creation activities of the project.

Who can be part of it?

Policymakers, public administrators responsible for STI policy, STI funders and experts from academia, industry and citizen organizations interested in STI policy in the Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change or Health domains.

Why should you join?

  • Learning more about the project that will guide innovation policies in Europe
  • Knowledge on how to leverage cutting-edge technologies for co-creating STI policies
  • Get your voice heard- Highlight your needs to developers and researchers
  • Be part of our co-creation process and influence the development of the IntelComp platform to meet your real needs.
  • (Selected users) Early access to the IntelComp platform in a Living Lab environment to support you in answering your policy needs.
  • Opportunities for collaboration with other stakeholders 

What is expected from you?

You can engage with the project at different levels:

  • Support to spread the word about the IntelComp project.
  • Participate in consultation activities and surveys.
  • Enrol and actively participate in future Living Labs to co-create STI policies.
Are you interested in STI policies in particular in the Health, AI or Climate Change domains? Register and tell us more!

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