Virtual kick-off of the BIONANOSENS project

14. Okt 2020

BIONANOSENS to become the third H2020 Twinning project of ZSI

On October 6, the project "BIONANOSENS - Deepening collaboration on novel biomolecular electronics based on "smart" nanomaterials" was kicked-off through a virtual team meeting. The project is funded under Horizon 2020 and runs from October 2020 till October 2023.

BIONANOSENS is already the third H2020 funded Twinning project in a row now carried out by ZSI's research policy & development department, after the NEUROTWIN (08/2019 - 08/2022) and BrainTwin (09/2020 - 08/2023) projects that were successfully obtained in previous H2020 calls.

It is coordinated by the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IMBG). The consortium further includes the University of Claude Bernard Lyon, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Lyon Ingénierie Projects and ZSI.

The background of this project is in IMBG's leading role as one of the best life science research institutions in Ukraine with, still untapped, potential to advance on the European level as well. By using the support of these four high-profile research and innovation institutes from Europe, the objective is to pave the way for IMBG into European research networks and to position it as an international Centre for Excellence in analytical biotechnology on the European research map.

What will be done in the next three years? The project implements tailor-made twinning actions helping to build and strengthen the research management and innovation capacities on the side of IMBG. The project rationale builds on the institute's current operational situation. It is reflected in the design and scope of the project activities, in order to meet IMBG's most pressing demands as good as possible.

In the frame of BIONANOSENS, the consortium aims to establish institutional grant management procedures in frame of innovation unit at IMBG, to open the access to international networks, to build up knowledge in project proposal writing skills, to promote and train young researchers, and to support IMBG in disseminating and exploiting its research results.

At the virtual kick-off meeting, eight team members representing the five project partners and one additional expert from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine took part. It's main objective was to familiarise everyone with the project outline and the roadmap for the next three years.

Gorazd Weiss took part on behalf of ZSI. As a leader of WP2 "Building capacities for successful participation in collaborative European research networks" and WP5 "Communication, dissemination and exploitation" Mr. Weiss introduced the objectives and the tasks that are carried out to meet these objectives related to both WPs.

(Key visual by Scott Graham on Unsplash)

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