Digital Humanities in Austria

1. Mär 2020

The final report of the project was presented on January 24 and is open for comments until April 19th, 2020.

In order to be able to support the development of digital humanities in Austria in the best possible way, it is important to describe the situation from the perspective of everyday research. For a study on the landscape of digital humanities in Austria by order of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, we asked representatives of various disciplines and institutions which topics are being investigated, which methods are being applied, which priorities are being set to meet which challenges. The report - based on a content analysis obtained through a mix of methods - shows the richness of the different perspectives. Is is presented and discussed today at the conference in cooperation with the project KONDE - Kompetenznetzwerk Digitale Editionen.

All presentations and the program are available for download here:

The project report is open to comments until April 19th, 2020:


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Tags: digital humanities, humanities, mapping

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