Study visit of Turkish researchers hosted by ZSI

12. Dez 2019

Representatives of ZSI met with a delegation of researchers from Turkey to foster their participation in H2020.

In the framework of the Turkey in H2020 project, ZSI hosted an International Study visits of Turkish researchers. The aim of this visit was to help Turkish organisations network with representatives of innovative and successful research centres and institutions from Austria.

During the three days of the visit (10-12 December 2019) ZSI, together with key experts from IDI and TÜBITAK, compiled a manifold program for the Turkish researchers. Besides workshop sessions organised at the premises of the Centre for Social Innovation held by Klaus Schuch (Scientific Director), Gorazd Weiss (Head of Unit), Dorothea Sturn (Expert TH2020) and Wolfgang Haider (Expert TH2020), the delegation also visited key Austrian R&I organisations such as the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, the Austrian Science Fund, the Institute for Advanced Studies, the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Building upon the long-lasting cooperation between ZSI and Turkish research institutions, several areas were identified for future cooperation, especially regarding joint projects in the framework of H2020 as well as the successor programme Horizon Europe. In particular, perspectives and experiences in areas of Responsible Research and Innovation, Social Inclusion, Citizen Science, and Migration where shared and cooperation possibilities also with other stakeholders from Austria identified.

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