Excellence-in-ReSTI focusing on e-learning started on 1 February 2017

2. Feb 2017

Excellence-in-ReSTI funded under “Interreg- Danube Transnational Pogramme” coordinated by ZSI

The management of research and innovation projects, in particular social innovation, needs specific skills that are not fully developed yet in the Danube region. That is what project Excellence-in-ReSTI aims to change.

The 12-member consortium (encompassing members from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia) will provide specific support to young project managers and administrators in public and private R&D&I institutions through several innovative course modules focusing on the skills closely related to the acquisition and management of R&D&I projects (e.g. knowledge management and information, financial resources for EU and national R&D&I projects, technology transfer, IPR, business modelling, time and team management).

The online courses are scheduled to be implemented in academic year 2018/19 as a pilot blended learning course, which will be supported through an easy-to-use and service-oriented helpdesk

The project will also focus on relevant strategic aspects through which new stakeholder networks are built up, gaps and opportunities are identified, policy recommendations are formulated, national and regional roadmaps and strategies are elaborated, and guidelines are developed.

In addition to general project management, ZSI will be involved in every work package (i.e. event organisation, collection of Austrian best practices, network-building and roadmapping, development of pilot course modules, support in the set-up of helpdesk).

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