FORSEE – Regional Open Consultation event & newsletter #5

5. Feb 2013

5th newsletter available now!

With the results of 8 National Open Consultations events available, the FORSEE project has conducted the Regional Open Consultation event in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in January 2013. The event has attracted stakeholders from policy-making, business, and academia.

The event revolved around three ICT themes: (1) ICT for Health, (2) e-government, and (3) Digital Content, Languages, and Culture. For each of these themes, a break-out session was held so that the participating experts from the SEE region could discuss the thematic SWOT analyses done by the project, and voice their aspirations regarding the future development of the field.

The next steps will now be to select one of the above-mentioned themes and move forward with it to the next step of the foresight process that will continue to be implemented throughout 2013.

Also, the project's 5th newsletter is out. Among the highlights is an interview with one of the experts responsible for creating the Regional Foresight Methodology, Dr. Erich Prem from Austria.

To learn more about the project and its output, feel free to visit their website or contact the coordinator.

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