Training on co-creation in bioeconomy

Save the date: 7. March Training on co-creation in bioeconomy

Bereich: Technik & Wissen

Datum: 7. März 2024

Engage4BIO and RuralBioUp are excited to announce a unique online opportunity for professional development – the Co-Creation Training in Bioeconomy Innovation on 7th of March 2024. In our ever-evolving landscape, collaboration is key to unlocking groundbreaking solutions in the field of bioeconomy. This training is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a collaborative and innovative environment.

Training Objectives:

  1. Understanding Co-Creation: Explore the principles and benefits of co-creation in the context of bioeconomy, emphasizing the power of collaborative efforts.

  2. Cross-disciplinary Collaboration: Learn how to effectively collaborate with professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity.

  3. Innovative Problem Solving: Develop strategies for identifying challenges and collectively generating innovative solutions in the dynamic bioeconomy landscape.

  4. Stakeholder Engagement: Gain insights into engaging stakeholders at every stage of the innovation process, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful co-creation experience.

  5. Case Studies and Best Practices: Analyze real-world case studies and best practices in bioeconomy co-creation, extracting valuable lessons for practical application.

Registry will follow soon!

Typ: Veranstaltungen des ZSI

Organisator: ZSI

Veranstaltungsort: Online

Kontakt: Margit Hofer, Judith Feichtinger, Maria Schrammel & Martina Lindorfer (

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