Policy Dialogue on Aligning Priorities in the Western Balkans

POLICY ANSWERS Conference in Sarajevo, 13 September 2023

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

Datum: 13. September 2023

Save-the-date for our upcoming conference in Sarajevo!

The conference aims at stimulating a policy dialogue on how to align priorities in the Western Balkans, focusing on policy making, stakeholder engagement and policy implementation tools across three thematic areas:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Green Deal
  • Healthy Societies

The conference is set to bring together government representatives from the Western Balkans and other key stakeholders, representatives from the European Commission and external experts to address the state of the Western Balkans and discuss EU initiatives (European Partnerships, Missions, Smart Specialization platforms) and opportunities for the WBs towards a green, digital and more resilient economies and healthier societies.

The conference website with updated information is available here:

Typ: Kooperative Veranstaltung (ZSI als Co-Organisator)

Organisator: POLICY ANSWERS project

Veranstaltungsort: Sarajevo


Webseite: https://eu-wb-policy-dialogue- ...

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Tags: Balkan, digitalisation, green transition, health, policy dialogue, research and innovation policy

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