[Re] Shaping European Dialogues

The 8th edition of EuroPCom conference series will focus on strategies and methods of public engagement.

Bereich: Projekt- und Bereichsübergreifende Tätigkeiten inklusive IT-Services

Datum: 9. - 10. November 2017

The 8th edition of EuroPCom will be held on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 November 2017 in Brussels. Join international experts in sharing views on how to engage citizens in the European project and in public affairs more generally, examining the unique area of crossover between communication and engagement, and mapping the latest trends in (digital) communication. Registration is open until Friday 27 October
Venues: European Parliament and European Committee of the Regions

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Editor's choice: Drivers of engagement: participatory – communicative projects and concepts (expert workshop on 10/11/2017, 11:15-12:45)

Across Europe, administrations at all levels of governance are paying increasing attention to the need to involve citizens in shaping the plans and programmes that significantly affect their lives. Beyond supporting democracy, good governance, and accountability, the input of the general public is a valuable resource for policy making.

New ways of approaching communication, collaboration and co-creation between amateurs and professionals from different disciplinary backgrounds have unlocked creative talent and brought about innovative solutions. This workshop will examine ways of creating responsive and integrative communication approaches to citizen participation, as illustrated by specific projects.

Typ: Veranstaltungen anderer Institutionen

Organisator: Events Unit of the European Committee of the Regions

Veranstaltungsort: Brussels, Belgium


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Tags: participation, public engagement, science communication