« RRI and SSH in ICT-related parts of H2020 – Getting started »

Getting started » to take place in Brussels on July 8-9, 2015 at The Egg.

Bereich: Technik & Wissen

Datum: 8. - 9. Juli 2015

DG Connect and the RRI-ICT Forum project are co-organizing an event on the theme « RRI and SSH in ICT-related parts of H2020. The audience will be restricted to:

  • H2020 ICT-related projects with a significant societal dimension
  • RRI “enabling projects” supported by European Commission DG RTD through the Science with and for Society programme (SWAFS)
  • Project Officers from the European Commission.

The event will comprise (i) Interviews and announcements of the European Commission DG Connect along with (ii) Presentations of the key RRI/SSH actors and (iii) Collaborative sessions giving the floor to the audience. The event will feature in particular the participation of Robert Madelin, DG Connect Director General, who will present how to reconcile responsibility and innovation.

Participants will be invited to make their voice heard concerning RRI and SSH in ICT-related projects, and to identify challenges, share knowledge and experiences and build synergies around the RRI/SSH domain.

Other activities will comprise networking exercises and opportunities, interactive presentations, a video booth, etc. The event programme and details are available at:
Register online here.

Typ: Kooperative Veranstaltung (ZSI als Co-Organisator)

Organisator: DG Connect, RRI-ICT Forum project

Veranstaltungsort: The Egg, Brussels, Europe


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Tags: RRI, social innovation