Why Invest in Science in South Eastern Europe? International Conference and High Level Round Table

Datum: 28. - 29. September 2006

South East European economies are facing the challenge of catching up with the enlarged EU and the constitution of the European Research Area. To reach this objective, a strong shift towards changes supportive to knowledge driven economy is a prerequisite.
Up to now, investments in science, knowledge and innovation did not constitute priorities of national and regional development strategies and programmes. A dominance of transition and post-war challenges has marginalized activities in science and technology (S&T). As a result, S&T systems in the region have eroded while international cooperation have not yet strongly developed despite proliferation of variety of science and innovation networks in broader neighborhood.
This calls for establishing a rationale to science and innovation support in SEE countries as well as for better understanding of how science, knowledge and innovation mutually interact and how they affect growth in these economies. Modern growth is driven by increasing knowledge content in a variety of traditional and new activities. Hence, it is of utmost importance for the SEE countries to raise awareness of these issues as well as to explore ways how science and knowledge could be harnessed for growth, socio-economic development and stability in the region.
The starting point for the deliberations of the conference is the low priority given to investments in science by the decision makers of the SEE countries as well as by providers of Official Development Assistance (ODA). S&T systems of the SEE countries are under-funded but also their orientation and degree of restructuring seems to be inadequate. This creates a vicious circle where low funding serves as justification for inability to restructure these systems while non-restructured S&T systems are used as justification for inadequate funding. In addition, there is misperception that science and innovation are not relevant for socio-economic growth and stability in the region.

Typ: Veranstaltungen des ZSI

Organisator: Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, UNESCO Office in Venice and the Austrian Science and Research Office in Ljubljana

Veranstaltungsort: Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Involvierte ZSI-Mitarbeiter/innen:

  • Dr. Miroslav Polzer (Teilnehmende/r, OrganisatorIn, eingeladen)
  • Mag. Dr. Klaus Schuch (Teilnehmende/r, Vortragende/r)
  • Magª. Elke Dall (Teilnehmende/r, Vortragende/r)
  • Mag. Peter B. Mayr (Teilnehmende/r, Vortragende/r)


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