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eInclusion@EU - Wave III

eInclusion@EU - Wave III

eInclusion@EU - Wave III: Selected aspects and activities directed towards monitoring and benchmarking eInclusion

The eInclusion@EU project was a coordination action with the objective of contributing to the development of 'evidence-based' eInclusion and eAccessibility policies at EU and Member States level. The primary approach involved: * collation and analysis of policy-relevant information and data from across the EU and internationally * identification of key topics for detailed attention in the project preparation of syntheses of the state-of-the-art on these topics convening and facilitation of workshops to support informed dialogue amongst the relevant stakeholders, and * on the basis of all this, preparation of evidence-based policy roadmaps on the key topics to inform future EU and Member State policy.

During the wave III of data gathering within the framework of the eInclusion@EU project, the focus was on collecting information on three issues. These were:

  • national research and policy activities that could feed into the establishment of a coherent European research and policy area (so called ERPA) in the field of eInclusion
  • national activities directed towards benchmarking and monitoring eInclusion
  • updating of some eAccessibility related activities that were already identified in the first data gathering wave


  • Magª. Maria Schwarz-Woelzl (Projektleitung)

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Typ: Forschung

Programm: 6th FP

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Von/Bis: 04/2006 - 08/2006

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