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TEN-A, Trans-European Network Academy

The TEN-A project is a cooperation of several leading educational institutions and technology companies throughout Europe, funded by the European Community. TEN-A itself is an online world-class brokerage and delivery service, linking educators and trainers for the exchange and distribution of learning resources. This online "broker" can be described as an entity that offers an attractive electronic marketplace, where offer can meet demand.

Brokerage services have two types of users: those who offer their products for sale (providers) and those who buy the products offered (consumers). TEN-A facilitates the exchange of Learning Resources between organisations whose members are registered users of the services. The organisations may be universities, business schools, public and private training institutes or companies, while the individuals using the service are teaches, researchers or training managers.

The technology system that enables effective brokerage and delivery services is the TEN-A brokerage and delivery platform. This platform exists as a prototype and shall be validated for the European market during the following TEN-telecom market validation phase. TEN-A enhances the availability of high quality, up-to-date Learning Resources for a wide audience. The benefit for buyers is that the organisation can get Learning Resources cheaper than producing them itself. The sellers can get payback on the investment on the Learning Resources.

The technology system is web-based and supports the creation and sharing of knowledge. It enables collaboration among educators by providing a full range of services to support the exchange of knowledge resources. The platform provides functionality for cataloguing and delivering the following kinds of knowledge resources:

  • Educational materials, which refer to sharable chunks of reusable content such as electronic textbooks, recorded lectures and presentations, case studies, quizzes, lecture notes, etc.
  • Educational activities, which refer to distributed, instructor-supported educational and training activities such as lectures, tutoring sessions, synchronous group collaboration, complete on-line courses
  • Research materials, such as research papers, theses or data sets

The Resources offered via TEN-A may be packaged, e.g. web-courses, PowerPoint presentations, video, etc, or live, e.g. lectures using live two-way videoconferencing.


  • Mag. Gregoire Besnier (Projektleitung)
  • Sanna Harringer
  • Herbert Schlader

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