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European Science Diplomacy Agenda

This contract is part of the 'Service Facility in support of the Global Approach in research and Innovation’ (GSF) Framework Contract

The overall objective of the contract is to support the development of mechanisms for cooperation in Science Diplomacy and a framework for European Science Diplomacy which shall strengthen the networks between science and technology and foreign policy, improve Europe’s diplomacy and its geopolitical position and build capacities for European Science Diplomacy. This project supports the European Commission, the Steering Team for ESDA development, the European Science Diplomacy Alliance, EU Delegations and the stakeholder community in Europe and worldwide.

ZSI provides specific technical support to the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance, helping to strengthen its outreach activities and capacity to provide input and structure to the community of science diplomacy scholars and practitioners. Furthermore, it supports the implementation of Science Diplomacy Demonstrator Projects, showcasing cooperation mechanisms for a strategic and coordinated approach in various domains, different world regions and settings.


Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

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Tags: international cooperation, science diplomacy

Typ: Beratung

Projekt Status: In Durchführung

Von/Bis: 04/2023 - 02/2025

Laufzeit: 23 Monate