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Twinning for excellence in non-invasive brain stimulation in Western Balkans

TWINNIBS supports the Institute for Medical Research/University of Belgrade in increasing its R&I and research management performance.

TWINNIBS - Twinning for excellence in non-invasive brain stimulation in Western Balkans is a Horizon Europe-funded project under the Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation scheme. Under the specific call topic "Twinning Western Balkans Special" 15 projects were funded in total, including TWINNIBS. With TWINNIBS, ZSI continues its success story of becoming a research management partner in Twinning consortia dedicated to highly advanced scientific fields (compare our other Twinning projects "BIONANOSENS", "BrainTwin" and "NEUROTWIN").

Partnership: The coordinator and main beneficiary is the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) under the University of Belgrade. IMR plays a leading role in research and promotion in the multidisciplinary field of non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS). NIBS is a set of techniques for transcranial (non-invasive) modulation of the activity in the specific brain areas and the large-scale brain networks to which they contribute. Through the project and the collaboration with leading scientific partners from Denmark (Region Hovedstaden), Italy (Universita degli Studi di Trento) and Germany (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München/Klinikum der Universität München) as well as ZSI as an experienced and internationally connected R&I management institution, IMR not only aims to raise NIBS reseach in Serbia to a new level, but also to advance in scientific excellence, research management and EU grant acquisition as an institution.

Activities: The project implements tailor-made twinning activities helping to build and strengthen the research management capacities on the side of IMR as well as to raise its scientific excellence. More concretely, the designated cooperation and coordination activities between the three EU partners and IMR include short term mobility arrangements, virtual and in-person short term expert visits, workshops, capacity building trainings (project management; R&I management) and boot-camps. Moreover, a series of collaborative small-scale projects on the topic of NIBS will be conducted.

Role of ZSI: ZSI is a partner in TWINNIBS and leads WP6 on "Building capacities for successful participation in the EU R&I funding programmes". In addition to this, ZSI's main workload is in WP7 on communication, dissemination and exploitation where it is supposed to lead on two tasks and to support IMR as the WP leader.

The following tasks are led by ZSI:

  • T6.1 Establishment of the R&I Project management Unit
  • T6.2 Horizon Europe Proposal writing trainings
  • T7.1 Establishment of the project corporate identity & public communication
  • T7.3 Establishing partnerships for exploitation


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