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Telekommunikationsindustrie - PES-Analysis

Telekommunikationsindustrie - PES-Analysis

Politische, ökonomische und soziologische Analysen der Rahmenbedingungen für die Telekommunikationsindustrie - PES-Analysis

Data collection, consolidation of knowledge in political, economic and sociological analysis as well as formulation of thesis's are the main steps in the process of the external analysis.

The following outcome is provided by the Centre for Social Innovation - preparation of a collection of the material used (articles, charts, data) - in the areas of political, economic and sociological analysis - management summaries per topic were provided as well as - a one page thesis paper for each area of external analysis (P, E, S). - elaboration of a combined thesis paper of all four areas of external analysis, containing statements on trends, issues, opportunities & threats (together with the responsible for technological analysis within Connect Austria).


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Von/Bis: 04/1999 - 06/1999

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