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KNOWMAK helps you explore the European knowledge output!

The KNOWMAK project, funded by European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 726992, created an online tool to provide access to users to the underlying information and and to visualise the results. ZSI, the Centre for Social Innovation, was responsible for the development of the RISIS-KNOWMAK tool which is being hosted at

It is now in the interest of the RISIS2 project which assumed the overall responsibility of the RISIS-KNOWMAK tool, which is being represented by IRCrES CNR Roma, that the hosting and operation of the tool continues at least until the end of the year 2021.

The hosting and operation of the RISIS-KNOWMAK tool are the primary objectives. The latter includes the maintenance of the source code, i.e. eliminating reported bugs and ensuring that the interdependent software libraries in use keep working, so that the tool continues to function as expected.

In addition to the hosting and maintenance of the tool, RISIS2 wishes to

  • have the tool migrated from the API (application programming interface) version 4 to version 5. The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) is in charge of the API development;
  • have implemented minor adaptations, such as changing labels and names in order to improve usability, should the need arise;
  • have implemented three additional data stories and revised the current ones (status: July 2020) upon a data release. The Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI ) is in charge of providing the updated data stories to be integrated in the tool;
  • have selected experts at Joanneum and AIT to gain access to the KNOWMAK code repository; and
  • have selected experts at Joanneum to receive adequate technical documentation of the KNWOMAK tool and technical advice, including a half-day physical or online meeting (including also AIT) to clarify open questions concerning the code if needed.

Maintenance and support of the KNOWMAK tool, which consists of

  • developing new code to accommodate KNOWMAK API v5
  • transitioning from API v4 to v5 (incl. functional tests)
  • bug fixing
  • implementing minor features
  • refactoring of existing code
  • updating the software stack to ensure continuation of service
  • updating the existing technical documentation to reflect recent developments
  • provide documentation on implementing a user authentication mechanism (using the RISIS2 authentication mechanism)
  • migrating service to RISIS2 premises

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