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Investigating the Impact of the Innovation Union

The project objective was to deliver a system of assessment for (policy) commitments associated with the Europe 2020 objectives aimed at stimulating innovation

Innovation had been placed at the heart of the Europe 2020 strategy aimed at coping with major structural changes, the increase of global competition and the current crisis, and at tackling major societal challenges such as climate change, energy and resource scarcity, health and ageing. The Innovation Union had the main objective to strengthen the European innovative potential; it set 13 general objectives and 34 specific (policy) commitments associated with the objectives, aimed at stimulating innovation. The objective of this project was to deliver a system of assessment for the commitments. The approach started from the evaluation of the state of achievement of the individual commitments, but put crucial emphasis on their effects on the innovation system as a whole, as well as on the economy-wide effects of innovation. The basic idea was to retrace the entire chain of effects of the commitments, from their implementation to their final impact in terms of competitiveness, growth and employment.

ZSI services provided: ZSI was asked to contribute to the evaluation of direct and dynamic effects of the policy commitment '26 Launch a Social Innovation pilot; promote social innovation in European Social Fund'. The main  objective  of  this  WP was to evaluate  the  direct and dynamic  effects of  the EU  policy instruments on the involvement of social partners in the development of knowledge economy. This broad approach can be split into four specific areas, which are defined as follows: 1) Data research and collection; 2) Literature review on SI-theory and practice; 3) Commitment map & project meeting; and 4) Presentation of ZSI contribution at the workshop on the 14th of September 2014.


  • Magª. Berenike Ecker, M.E.S. MSc (Projektleitung)
  • Patricia Grygar
  • DI Dr. Anette Scoppetta

Bereich: Arbeit & Chancengleichheit


Tags: innovation, innovation systems analysis, Innovation Union

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Typ: Forschung

Programm: European Commission, Horizon 2020

Einreichdatum: 01/2014

Projekt Status: Abgeschlossen

Von/Bis: 02/2015 - 09/2018

Laufzeit: 44 Monate