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ASEF-FES Migration Project

The Impact of Labour Migration Policies on Migrants’ Welfare: Improving Practice in Asia and Europe

Ensuring Migrant Workers’ Rights to Protect All Workers

The objective of this programme was to provide a platform for an ASEM -wide, multi-stakeholder dialogue on the impact of migration policies on migrants.  ASEM (the Asia-Europe Meeting) is an informal process of dialogue and cooperation. It brings together 49 member states plus the European Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat.  

In the process, the programme sought to examine and improve the articulation of migration policies in sending and receiving countries within the ASEM region. ZSI was engaged in this programme for the following tasks:

  1. Mapping of key migrant policies and practices across ASEM countries, so as to provide a brief overview of migration in Asia-Europe, and examine the scale and regional trends. This mapping included a comparison of national practices with international and regional agreements, guidelines, and directives, and also highlighted best practices. The mapping also explored the intersections between migration and social protection, and investigated issues related to politics, ethics, and rights before exploring implications for further investigation. Results of this mapping fed into the development of the labour migration policy report.
  2. Preparing a policy report on the impact of labour migration policy on the socio-economic welfare of migrants in sending and receiving countries.

The researchers from ZSI and Manolo Abella (formerly in ILO) presented the draft policy report in the form of a background paper at a workshop on November 8-9, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland to draw out further inputs and recommendations to be supplemented into the final policy report.

The finaly report "A Triple Win in Migration: Ensuring Migrant Workers’ Rights to Protect All Workers" can be downloaded here.


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