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Balanced Approaches for an Ageing Workforce in Metropolitan Areas

The risk of long-term unemployment and the risk of permanent inactivity is generally higher for older people than for younger ones. The project aimed to explore via "social experiments" what constitutes an innovative measure in order to integrate older unemployed people into sustainable emplyoment. The activities were:

  • Identification of non-context related elements on how to integrate long-term unemployed elder people into sustainable employment;
  • the development of a model which allows to build up pilot projects & give recommendations / guidelines for transfere;
  • return lessons learned: give recommendations for the already checked positive approaches;
  • design of a European mainstreaming strategy how to integrate long-term unemployed elder people over 50 into sustainable employment.

Here you can find videos of the peer-review workshops:

First Peer-review workshop: in Graz on the 15&16 June, 2012

Second Peer-review workshop: Berlin on the 12&13 April, 2012


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Tags: ageing society, labour market, social innovation

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Programm: Progress, Social Experiment

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Von/Bis: 10/2011 - 03/2013

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