INTAS Evaluation

4. Mai 2005

In the second half of 2004, a thorough evaluation of FP6, the so-called mid-term review, will be launched. Additionally, the discussions about the character and opportunities of the forthcoming European Framework Programme for RTD are already starting on various levels. In front of this background, the General Assembly of INTAS, whose activities in the period 2003-2006 are an integral part of the international cooperation work programme of FP6, decided to be well prepared and to conduct an independent external evaluation of INTAS.

The evaluation is split into two panels:

Panel 1 reviews past and ongoing INTAS initiatives (from a scientific, management, and financial point of view) in view of and against the background of INTAS' statutory mandates.

Panel 2 evaluates the role and future possiblities of INTAS as a funding organisation in view of the changing context (evolution of EC Framework Programmes, developments in the NIS).

The evaluation is chaired by Prof. Peter Idenburg from the Netherlands.
Panel 1 is chaired by Per Stalnacke and Panel 2 by Klaus Schuch from the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI). In Panel 1 also Henning Eikenberg from Germany, Lajos Nyiri from Hungary and Oleg Ventskovsky from Ukraine participate. In Panel 2 Marie-Helene Mandrillon from France, Alexander Sokolov from Russia and Olav Juul Sorensen from Denmark contribute with their expertise.