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13. Feb 2024

Call for registration to POLICY ANSWERS´ Webinars on Aligning Priorities in the Western Balkans

Embark on a journey of strategic conversations as POLICY ANSWERS presents a series of monthly Webinars, dedicated to enhancing policy dialogues and aligning priorities in the Western Balkans (WB)!

Following the success of the ‘Policy Dialogue on Aligning Priorities in the Western Balkans – Vision 2030 – Digital/Green/Health Pathways’ Conference, POLICY ANSWERS is pleased to announce a series of monthly Webinars.

The POLICY ANSWERS Monthly Webinars aim at stimulating strategic conversations on Aligning WB priorities with those of the EU across three thematic areas: Digital Transformation, Green Deal and Health Policy. Starting in February 2024, they will delve into the significant insights and recommendations derived from the Conference, playing a pivotal role in shaping the strategy of the Regional Platform.

The first three Webinars, scheduled for 22 February, 28 March and 25 April 2024 at 15:00 – 15:40, focus on presentations of the reports prepared by the Regional Experts. These reports on Digital Transformation, Green Deal and Health Policy in the WB also provide the key recommendations from the Conference. The subsequent Webinars will shift their focus to European Partnerships, Missions, Smart Specialization Strategy and Opportunity with Partnerships for Regional Innovation also exploring opportunities for the Western Balkans to align their national priorities with those of the European Union.

Find out more here on the 3 upcoming POLICY ANSWERS webinars and register to join stimulating discussions!

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