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9. Jan 2024

Highlights from the project aiming at AdvanCing behavioural Change Through an INclusive Green deal

ACCTING (AdvanCing behavioural Change Through an INclusive Green deal) is an EU-funded project that started in February 2022 and runs 40 months until 2025. It aims to understand the impact of Green Deal policies on vulnerable groups, prevent inequalities, and produce knowledge and innovations to advance behavioural change at individual and collective levels for an inclusive and equal European Green Deal.

The last of the four newsletters published in 2023 deals with three main topics of interest.

It introduces the last Policy Brief on research findings and policy recommendations to integrate gendered and intersectional perspectives in Green Deal policies. These policy recommendations are based on the unique evidence-base compiled by the ACCTING research team. It builds on desk research and fieldwork in 13 European countries (2022), co-creation in Open Studios as well as workshops in which insights were operationalised into recommendations (2023).The research output includes 400 interviews of individuals with intersectional profiles representing a wide variety of vulnerable groups. Especially women with low income were interviewed, often of young or old age and with various kinds of racial, ethnic, and cultural marginalisation backgrounds. Furthermore, various people with disabilities, LGBTQI+background, single parents, and persons living in socially and/or structurally deprived urban and rural areas are included. The interviews were conducted across eight thematic research lines. Each related to and aligned with the Green Deal policy areas, including climate change, resource use andbiodiversity, energy, food, and mobility.

To read the general findings and policy reccomendations, please visit following link:

Furthermore, the project has also compiled the research gaps identified within the framework of the European Green Deal, based on project's findings in the first cycle. The document introduces research needs and priorities within each Green Deal policy area. For more information please visit

This newsletter also introduces new projects selected within the ACCTING call for pilot projects with the aim to fund high potential actions addressing vulnerabilities in the areas of the European Green Deal (Energy, Mobility, Food, Disaster Management, and Biodiversity). 

The newsletter introduces 10 projects ensuring a Green Deal where no one is left behind that have been selected.

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