*UPDATE* IntelComp Living Lab AI - Final Event

24. Nov 2023

Approach, successes, experiences, and policy perspectives of the AI Living Lab

  • Event: IntelComp Living Lab AI - Final Event
  • Date & time: Nov. 27, 2023; 09:30-11:30
  • Where: online or in-person (FECYT - C/ Pintor Murillo, 15; 28100 Alcobendas-Madrid)
  • Registeration (still open):

UPDATE: To any latecomers who may be interested in participating, the registration is kept open.

The IntelComp Living Lab AI is currently organising its final event. After nearly two years, they look back at the intial plan, its evolution over time, and its experiences and successes. Participants will hear about technological break-throughs and get an insight into the development of the IntelComp tools. Moreover, attendees will learn about the vision and prespective of a Spanish AI policy-maker, concerning AI.

Local attendees will get the opportunity to stay and network after the official part of the event.

Interested individuals are encouraged to register here.


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