The XGain Co-creation Workshops have been successfully completed!

26. Sep 2023

The XGain “Have Your Say” stakeholders co-creation workshops were organised in six different countries.

The scope of these workshops was to bring key stakeholders and and organisations together, interested in the XGain solutions designing process, as well as to discuss, and collaborate together, with the aim of developing a digital Knowledge Facilitation Tool (KFT) which will pave the way for self-assessing sustainable, edge connectivity-based farming solutions accessible to different types of citizens, farms, sectors and regions in remote rural and coastal areas.

During these workshops, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about possible applications of XGain technologies in their region, expand their personal and professional network, provide early feedback with regard to needs and challenges in the design phase of the XGain KFT, identify potential business opportunities, and succesfully exchange ideas with experts from different disciplines and sectors!

The ZSI team facilitated the workshop organisation, accompanied them locally, and analysed the highly valuable input received from the workshops to assists the project partners who are currently developing the XGain KFT. The workshops were successful as the responses for the KFT development have been very insightful and align with the main objectives of the tool and its use cases.

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