Call for Contributions: Connect. Collaborate. Create. Conference in Paris

28. Jul 2023

The final conference of the ZSI coordinated PRO-Ethics project is taking place in Paris 19-21 October 2023.

The organising team invites all community stakeholders to become part of the Connect. Collaborate. Create. conference on October 19-21, 2023 in Paris, at Aubervilliers, Campus Condorcet. Registration to the conference - including a call for contributions - is now open until 5 September 2023.

The conference will bring together the diverse European communities that create and support participatory research (funding) and citizen science. Jointly organised by the European projects COESO and PRO-Ethics, it will focus on the social sciences and humanities as well as on integrating participatory approaches at the research funding stage.

On October 19-21, 2023 in Paris, at Aubervilliers, Campus Condorcet, we will welcome researchers, citizen science practitioners, and supporters from all backgrounds, research funding organisations, ethics and integrity experts, as well as policy makers, to open up a space for networking and mutually exploring citizen science/participatory research initiatives and services.

We want to hear as many of your voices as possible! Therefore, we wish to model this conference on the ThatCamps and BarCamps initiatives, where participants contribute to creating the conversations and activities that they want to attend.

The conversations we want to stimulate are clustered into six core areas:

  • Participatory research, citizen science, and open science networks and infrastructures
  • Support services for participatory research and citizen science
  • Methodologies for doing and teaching citizen science and ethical participatory approaches to research, including in funding agencies
  • Data workflows and communication formats
  • Drivers and barriers for implementing, supporting, and funding citizen science, as well as participation in the processes of funding agencies
  • Assessing and evaluating participatory processes

The Connect. Collaborate. Create. conference opens these discussions to all attendees and welcomes the lively intermingling of different experiences and perspectives. Please join us if you recognize yourself in one of the following profiles:

  • Research Funder Organisations (RFOs)
  • Citizen Science practitioners and supporters, including
    • (SSH) Academic and professional researchers
    • Civil society professionals and organisations (e.g. journalists, artists, social services practitioners, NGOs dedicated to societal issues, social enterprises)
    • Engaged community members, citizen scientists and scholars
    • Open research infrastructure representatives
    • Librarians
    • Country-based and European Citizen science platform and network coordinators
    • Science shops coordinators and staff members
  • Policy makers
  • Research managers
  • Research ethics committee members
  • Research integrity body members
  • Researchers from academia and the private sector

You can register and share your ideas for how to organise workshops, breakout sessions or other interactive activities. You can also suggest to exhibit your contribution in a more static way, via poster, audio/video, etc. The registration form already includes the possibility to describe and provide a link to your contribution, so be prepared to copy/paste your content in the form.

For further information on the conversation we would like to facilitate, please visit our websites:

If your suggestion fits with the conference conversations, you will be invited to access an online interactive board, and have the opportunity to suggest synergies with, and express interest for, other proposals.

We will consider the contributions as they arrive, and we warmly recommend not waiting until the last minute to send your suggestion! The program will be built progressively.

The form will be open until September 5th, or until we reach the maximum number of attendees we can welcome onsite.

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