ACCTING: Our call for pilot actions is open now!

10. Jul 2023

Apply to implement pilot actions, closing date is 8 Sept 2023


As announced earlier, ACCTING has allocated funds for the support of 10 pilot projects, they aim to address topics of the Green Deal that leaves no one behind.

ACCTING is providing financial backing to groundbreaking projects that seek to diminish or avoid inequalities and adverse effects on disadvantaged individuals and communities.

After review of the outcomes of experimental research endeavors and through interactive expert groups organised in "Open Studios", the ACCTING project team has identified 10 promising concepts for pilot actions that possess a good potential in addressing vulnerabilities related to the European Green Deal.

Through this call, the selected pilot projects will receive funding and undergo testing. The application deadline for this opportunity is September 8, 2023.

The information about the call and the covered topics see here.

Call topics address disaster response; biodiversity; Energy communities; community gardens; food initiatives addressing schools; Cycling; organising Volunteerism; organising Scholarships related to social justice.

More information about the ACCTING research lines find here.


ZSI leads the Research Line 2 "Research line 2: Biodiversity and land use restrictions" and has been participating in the preparation of the call topics, it has also hosted one of the Open Studios in Vienna in March 2023..



Tags: call, green deal, green transition, vulnerable groups

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