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11. Jul 2022

Videos produced by young adults on their attitudes towards climate change

Please check out our videos, which were produced by Viennese teenagers to demonstrate their views and opinions on climate change:

Video 1: Megacart & climate

Video 2: Here and now and the bees

The videos are the result of a series of workshops, which Martina Lindorfer (ZSI) and Katharina Koller (ZSI) implemented with teenagers at the "Zukunftshof", were social welfare associations (Volkshilfe, WUK) work on ecological projects with young adults who are not in education, employment or training. The workshops followed the method of participatory video making and were one pilot project of the international project Climatubers (EC). The objective was to train youngsters in digital and social skills, raise their awareness on climate issues, and enrich the political dialogue on climate injustice by adding the view of hard to reach groups.


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