RURAL SOCIAL INNOVATION Network launched at closing event of the CERUSI project

28. Jan 2022

The project‘s outputs were presented on January 20th to raise awareness on rural social innovation in Central Europe

After a warm welcome, ZSI’s colleagues Wolfgang Haider and Dr. Stefanie Konzett-Smoliner gave an overview of the CERUSI project and policy implications of the Transnational Rural Social Innovation Strategy. Juggler Christoph Rummel provided an entertaining artistic intervention on the challenges of rural social innovation. The event further included a virtual tour through the Skyrocket platform and the lessons learned through implementation of the platform. Partners from Social Impact GmbH, Berlin, then introduced the audience to CERUSI’s Lab Caravan approach, followed by several case studies from partner countries and learnings as well as recommendations. After a quick Q&A session, partners launched their Partnership Network through the Memorandum of Understanding to further raise awareness on the importance of social innovation in rural areas throughout Central Europe.

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