Finance4SocialChange Concluding Phase in 2021

16. Dez 2021

Selected Results of work and accessible resources

Running from mid-2018 to 12/2021 the project Finance4SocialChange has created valuable outcomes and accessible and most tangible results are listed in this news entry...

A vast collection of important materials and tutorials related to social impact financing can be accessed on the project youtube channel. Here you can access materials from our competition, and materials referring to the project MOOC that was running 2020 with strong support of many contributors as a real teaching and advocacy programme set up by the project. Still, resources were also accessible in 2021.

Find the youtube entries here...

Also the entire AirMOOC isa valuable resource, you just need to register to access all resources (goes beyond video material available on the youtube channel) here...

As result of the competition in 2020, also the winners were invited from each country group to post their success stories here:

OneNightGallery(RO)  Garden of Sustainable Developmen(RS) VOLLPENSION(AT)  STEMI(HR)

Finally, on the same resource page find also some selected outputs as the Danube wide strategy here...

In addition, also the project newsletters can be further accessed here...

In every case our ZSI colleagues involved in the project are/were: Helmut Gassler (, Felix Gajdusek ( ZSI cooperated with ASHOKA (Alex Kesselring) throughout the entire project duration to cover our Austrian stakeholders as good as possible. We would like further to emphasise that the entire partnership jointly contributed to a number of activities under the coordination of IFKA acting as the (proactive) Lead partner of the entire consortium and with the engaged and successful coordination by Ana Meszaros. More information and contacts to the partnership can be accessed here... PS: We are convinced the information on the DR TCP will be retained for future use, and also further information can be posted during the reporting and approval of our last reporting!


Tags: Danube Region, entrepreneurship, impact financing, social change

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