Supporting (second-chance) entrepreneurs

4. Okt 2021

How to support entrepreneurs in practice? Insights from the Interreg project DanubeChance2.0

The main purpose of the workshop is to present the results of the mentoring program, to identify and discuss best practices in supporting entrepreneurs in challenging times and exchange experiences with various stakeholders. The workshop will be taking place on October 13th, 10-12 (CEST).

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Acting as a policy driver, DanubeChance2.0 brings together a multi-disciplinary quadruple-helix partnership of 12 partners and 5 ASPs to create the first "Second-chance Entrepreneurship Strategy for the Danube region". DanubeChance2.0 aims to facilitate improved policy learning between: policymakers and government agencies; research institutes and universities; financially distressed enterprises currently involved in insolvency procedures, or entrepreneurs who have already gone bankrupt but are ready for a fresh re-start; business accelerators; and the public.


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Tags: Danube Region, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, Southeast Europe

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