Candidates include companies, non-profit associations, research labs, foundations and more from 38 African and European countries (12 in Europe and 36 in Africa).

Applications had to fall under one out of 6 topics that had been defined in roadmaps developed in the LEAP-RE programme preparatory phase:

  • Mapping joint research and innovation actions for next-step development of renewable energy sources and integration of renewable energy sources in sustainable energy scenarios: 21 applications
  • End-of-life and second-life management and environmental impact of renewable energy components: 7 applications
  • Smart stand-alone systems: 37 applications
  • Smart grid (different scale) for off-grid application: 23 applications
  • Processes and appliances for productive uses (agriculture and industry): 14 applications
  • Innovative solutions for priority domestic uses (clean cooking and cold chain): 22 applications

This Call is part of the LEAP-RE Pillar 1. Pillar 1 focuses on external research funding and capacity-building implemented through open calls for proposals. The LEAP-RE Joint Call 2021 will fund basic research, applied research and experimental development projects that are 12-36 months long.

Next steps

Communication of pre-proposal assessment will take place on 15 June 2021. The deadline for full proposal submission is 15 September 2021. The assessment of the full proposals will be communicated on 30 November 2021.

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