Kick-off of the R&I partnership between Europe and Africa on renewable energy

24. Mär 2021

New project with ZSI as partner: LEAP-RE supports the transition to renewable energy use and production in Africa.

Africa and Europe’s renewable energy strategy is critical for ensuring the sustainable development of both continents. The LEAP-RE project is committed to supporting research and innovation to develop renewable energy production in Africa. It is a partnership between Europe and Africa, as well as the private and public sectors: working together is the key for a sustainable future. LEAP-RE is committed to supporting the transition to renewable energy use.

The work is based on deliberations of the EU-AU High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) which serves as a platform for regular exchanges on research and innovation policy. It aims to formulate and implement long term priorities to strengthen Africa Europe cooperation on science, technology and innovation. HLPD strengthened the mutual commitment to action in renewable energy by adopting the Roadmap for a jointly funded AU EU research & innovation partnership on climate change and sustainable energy (CCSE).
The LEAP RE programme aligns with and responds with the specific objectives of this CCSE Roadmap.

LEAP RE draws on the experience and partnership developed in the predecessor project "PREparing for a Long Term Joint EU AU Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy (PRE LEAP-RE )" which has formulated a Research & Innovation (R&I) and Human and Institutional Capacity Building agenda on Renewable Energy; established the organisational and funding principles for the implementation of an African and European (AU EU) Joint Programme by bringing together national funding agencies and other key EU AU actors involved in RE research; demonstrated efficiency of LEAP RE programme and create conditions for long term partnership; demonstrated efficiency and attractiveness of joint programming and joint calls; mobilised the relevant AU & EU knowledge communities and other stakeholders to address key RE challenges for AU EU; contributed to the production of new knowledge, innovations, technology, products, and/or services in RE topics of strategic relevance to AU EU collaboration and accelerated the inclusive transition to reliable and affordable renewable energy.

LEAP-RE is a Research and Innovation Action (RIA) funded under Horizon 2020, including a Call for proposal action co-funded by national or regional funding agencies and European Commission (like an ERANET scheme). The LEAP RE Call encourages partnership with projects conducted under the “LC-GD-2-3-2020”:  Accelerating the green transition and energy access Partnership with Africa” topic.

It is organised in 3 pillars:

Pillar 1 is dedicated to this activity, gathering 16 funding organisations, committed to funding research and innovation transcontinental projects on renewable energy proposed by third Parties through transnational Calls for proposal. A first Transcontinental Call was launched on January 15, 2021.

Pillar 2 implements R&I projects and capacity building activities implemented by the consortium with substantial financial contributions from the research institutions, implemented by consortium members.

Pillar 3 constitutes the non-research part of the LEAP-RE programme. This Pillar gathers the programme coordination and all strategic actions to maximise the outcomes of LEAP-RE and set the grounds for the future long-term collaboration of the AU-EU partnership in RE: management & coordination of LEAP-RE (WP1; WP2, WP3); maximization of the programme outcomes, impact (WP4); definition and implementation of a long-term perspective and partnership (WP5, WP6);

The Centre for Social Innovation has a small contribution within the work package which aims to develop the long-term perspective for the AU-EU partnership in RE STI; develop and implement the Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Concept (in coordination with the other pillars); implements strategic dialogues with policymakers and other stakeholders for research uptake; develops strategies for RE research-capacity in Africa and guidelines and plan for the design of the long-term partnership. ZSI contributes to the M&E concept and impact assessment as well as the strategy for RE research-capacity in Africa with the focus on analysis, mapping & visualization of networks, evaluation & Strengthening EU-AU R&I capacities (through scientometric approaches).

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