How can we Assess Impacts of Innovation?

19. Nov 2020

Interview with Klaus Schuch conducted by André Martinuzzi for the Living Innovation Project

This week's guest in the  Responsible Innovation Story is Klaus Schuch, Scientific Director and CEO of the Centre for Social Innovation, a leading research powerhouse dealing with the social embeddedness of innovation. With their decade long expertise, the Centre for Social Innovation successfully coordinates interdisciplinary Horizon 2020 projects in Responsible Research and Innovation.

The Responsible Innovation Story is part of the Living Innovation project coordinated by the Institute of Managing Sustainability of the Vienna University of Economics and Businnes.

Our most important insights from this interview with Klaus Schuch:

  • Researchers and innovators are slowly starting to take societal needs and expectations into serious consideration.
  • If we included citizens into the agenda setting of innovation, we could accelerate this trend and better align social desirability with private profitability.
  • Only if we get businesses and their immense know-how on board, can we fully exploit the potential of public engagement – and jointly create the future we want.

Enjoy watching the full interview with Klaus Schuch at

Click on the timestamps to watch the respective topics:

00:00 Impacts of Irresponsible Innovation

01:18 Innovating With and For Society

02:25 The Crucial Role of Public Engagement

04:19 How to Get Citizens On Board

05:35 Assessing Societal Impacts

07:01 Social Sciences Can Take the Lead

07:59 Challenges of Dark Knowledge

10:20 Pitfalls of Mainstreaming Responsible Innovation

11:09 The Role of Responsibility in Horizon Europe

12:50 A New Framing for Responsible Innovation

14:04 The Future of Social Innovation


Written by Gabriela Ayala | Reviewed by Barbara Hofleitner

Created on: 18 Nov 2020 | Updated on: 19 Nov 2020

News category: "News on Living Innovation"


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