2nd Cross Sectional Workshop

14. Okt 2020

Exchang experiences and lessons learned ... the 2nd cross sectional workshop on RRI social labs

On 12th and 13th October 2020, more than 70 participants from 19 different social labs of the NewHoRRIzon project met in order to exchange their experiences and lessons learned in implementing RRI in different Horizon 2020 topics.
The labs presented different outcomes and products that they have created during a period of two years: from an RRI Manifesto to career assessment matrix. The event that took place online, provided results on how to better integrate RRI into very different fields of research and innovation.

Important was also the question on how to further integrate RRI in the next European Framework Programme and how sustainable the work that has been done so far has influenced other projects as well. The documentation of this exchange and the major outcomes will be summarized in a final report and made publicly available soon.

Leider ist dieser Inhalt in der ausgewählten Sprache nicht verfügbar.

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