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8. Okt 2020

CoAct hosts a workshop at the Citizen Science SDG Conference 14.-15. October in Berlin/online

CoAct is hosting the workshop "Citizen Science is Social!" at the Citizen Science SDG Conference.

CoAct is working towards a new understanding of the unexplored field of Citizen Social Science, a participatory research approach co-designed and directly driven by citizen groups sharing a social concern, in which they become co-researchers. Citizen Social Science aims to bring together, and further develop, methods to give citizen groups an equal ‘seat at the table’ through active participation in academic research, from the design to the interpretation of the results and their transformation into concrete actions.

CoAct wants to frame the field of Citizen Social Science (CSS) and to build an international community of practice. A first step for this will be to ensure that a CSS approach evolves from the needs and relevance of and for the practitioner community.

CoAct is inviting civil society practitioners (NGO's, grassroots movements, local communities, activists), to share their experiences and needs in English, Spanish, or German:

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Tags: citizen science, citizen social science, SDGs

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