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30. Jul 2020

ZSI hosted the virtual project consortium meeting of the CERUSI project

The Interreg Central Europe project CERUSI aims at helping local actors in 7 EU countries to establish and develop social innovations and social enterprises by improving skills and building capacities in rural and peripheral CE regions.

Bringing the first 6-months of project implementation to an end, the CERUSI project partners held a virtual Steering Committee meeting on 28th and 29th of July, discussing project progress as well as next steps. Hereby, the meeting was not just one of simple presentation and monologue, but tried to make use of interactive tools and approaches in order to stimulate the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences.

As the next crucial step for the project is to implement four Caravan stops in each of the participating pilot regions in CE, an interactive workshop session was held to facilitate the design and conceptualisation of the Caravan. Getting in touch with the locals at our tour stops will require an attractive concept for engagement, harvesting of ideas and identification of local challenges. Therefore, partners of the consortium came up with different ideas enabling an inclusive and low-threshold interaction at the Caravan stops.


Besides the Caravan stops that will be implemented from August to September in the pilot regions (check here for regular updates), the project partners also finalised the outline of the new online Training Academy that will be hosted at the Skyrocket Platform. This Training Academy focuses on Rural Social Innovation tools and builds up competences for starting social enterprises and other socially innovative projects.

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