How to integrate RRI into large research organisations?

4. Jul 2020

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Ethics is an indispensable part of research and innovation. But the greatest challenge is to embed the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) into large research organisations. The EU project ETHNA System is developing an ethics governance system for the management of RRI in higher education, funding and research centres.

"[...]Currently we are experiencing how COVID-19 has made it even clearer how important ethical principles are as signs of what is undesirable, but also as guidelines for the science and research we want. Of course, it has been made clear that it goes against our sense of justice that scientific advances do not reach everyone equally, regardless of a patient’s origin, gender or age. Social alarm has been caused by the knowledge that, when faced with a shortage of resources, the guideline of not providing health care resources to the elderly has been proposed, and even applied, by arguing that they had fewer chances of survival, which proves that R&I require an appropriate response from the reliability it generates in society[...]."
(Elsa González-Esteban, project coordinator, Universitat Jaume)

The ETHNA System, funded under Horizon 2020, implements and validates an ethics governance system by integrating an ETHNA office into the management of six organisations from the consortium from Spain, Norway, Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria (led by ZSI) and Portugal. The purpose is to develop a governance structure that is sustainable over time and can be transferred to other centres, favouring a more responsible research and innovation based on engagement with citizens and society.

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