ZSI becomes member of the European Creative Business Network (ECBN)

15. Apr 2020

Social innovation for cultural and creative industries

The European Creative Business Network (ECBN) works – on purposes indirectly and decentralized – by supporting leading agencies, funders and intermediaries on local, regional and/or national level to help them support their cultural and creative entrepreneurs. ECBN pushes for specific policy initiatives and actions for the cultural and creative industries (CCI) and represents its members in the main European events and debates where issues related or impacting cultural and creative business are discussed. Learn more about the ECBN...

The Centre for Social Innovation will support the network above all with its expertise in social innovation research and the management of international as well as transversal and multi-stakeholder projects. In case of interest please get in touch with Ms Pamela Bartar, ZSI:

COVID19 and CCI - webinar hosted by OECD and ECBN
Along with the tourism industry, cultural and creative sectors are among the most affected by the current coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis: “The current crisis is particularly critical for cultural and creative sectors due to the sudden and massive loss of revenue opportunities, especially for the more fragile players[...Today, more than ever, the importance of culture and creativity for society is clear. The availability of cultural content contributes to mental health and well-being, and many cultural institutions have provided online and free content in recent weeks for that purpose. Sustainable business models during and after the initial crisis are imperative for the sector’s survival. Leaving behind the more fragile part of the sector could cause irreparable economic and social damage. The current challenge is to design public supports that alleviate the negative impacts in the short term and help identify new opportunities in the medium term for different public, private and non-profit actors engaged in cultural and creative production[..]."

To better understand the complexity of current challenges in and for CCI, ECBN and OECD invite to an open webinar on 17/04/2020; to learn more details and to register please follow the link:

Tags: creative industries, social innovation

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