Covid-19 Careables: made by U for U near U

15. Apr 2020

our careables project is supporting the fight against COVID-19

careables is a mixed community of people and organisations committed to the co-design and making of open, personalised healthcare for everyone, born from the EU-funded collaborative H2020 project MADE4YOU, which is coordinated by the ZSI. 

  • As a reaction to the current pandemic crisis careables is collecting, documenting and sharing information and open source solutions to fight COVID-19

  • The reach of the project goes far beyond Europe. As far away as Brazil, the project helps individuals and communities get a head start (literally) on COVID-19 solutions. Plastic protective head masks can indeed be printed on demand and at minimal cost. 

  • The careables COVID-19 collection currently includes around 30 designs of open solutions that are shared worldwide 

  • They are just some of the many (over 100) designs and personal-use type of projects to stay safe that can make a difference to health and social well-being.

  • The project also supports the makers with useful resources and stories around personalised healthcare, during COVID-19 and beyond

  • Digital fabrication is for anyone to adapt and use at will.  The recipe requires 3 digital ingredients: open source hardware & software, manufacturing tools, such as a 3D printer near you, and a platform where to get inspired and share the ideas.

  • The project is committed to responsible making, even in times of crisis, and has defined a set of core principles

  • Data scientists, social scientists, designers and makers, healthcare specialists and privacy lawyers all join forces in Made4You to prepare a future where open personalised DIY healthcare solutions can become an accepted reality in our society   

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has starkly shown the risks and limits of relying solely on centralized large corporations and governments, and therefore has set off an unprecedented interest in local, distributed, and openly accessible design and manufacturing to solve the massive unmet needs that have surfaced during the crisis.

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