ZSI delivered last Social Innovation Training for Made in Danube

20. Dez 2018

The event was partly filmed by Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia)

Maribor – the 2018 European Capital for Social Economy - was the perfect place for organising the last Social Innovation Traning by Made in danube and to contribute to create a common understanding on what social innovation actually offers and, more importantly, how it can be done in practice.

The training was logistically organized by the Knowledge and technology office of University of Maribor who also created ad-hoc synergies with the Association for Social Economy of Slovenia to provide a further occasion to learn from real case studies and examples of Social Innovations in Slovenia. In front of 33 participants, Peter Alešnik, (Head of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office of University of Maribor) welcomed participants and passed the floor to Ms. Desiree Pecarz, ZSi GmbH.

Our colleague Desiree run the whole training and provided participants with solid conceptual foundations in the search for innovative solutions, while reinforcing and developing their vision, knowledge and skills that are crucial to understand why and under which circumstances social innovation initiatives succeed or fail. Specific attention during the event was paid on design thinking to develop a context-responsive user-friendly service or product while exploring approaches and tools useful to plan, assess and deliver services and products able to answer to pressing social problems. Similarly also proper engagement of stakeholders and different audiences were analysed to help future innovators get familiar with design and implementation of engagement process plan. The event was reported by Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia) who interviewed Desiree Pecarz and local organisers.

In total 3 trainings have been delivered by ZSI this autumn. Thanks to these events more than 80 representatives of small and medium‐sized enterprises, as well as early stage project managers in research, social and technological innovation, young graduates as first-time applicants to transnational projects from business sector and intermediaries could improve their:

  • Familiarity with social innovation definitions and process
  • Understanding of the enabling conditions for Social Innovation
  • Learning how to set up and run social innovation initiatives
  • Learning the principle of effective design thinking and stakeholders engagement

Visit the portal of Made in Danube to keep updated with activities and results!

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