Culture meets technology – a maker workshop for Kids

5. Dez 2018

Combining culture and technology within a maker workshop for kids

In the framework of the DOIT project and in cooperation with SERA (Social Services of the region of Liezen, Austria) and the ku:L (Cultural Association in Öblarn), children were adapting the DOIT monster pilot to their region and have created some ‘Krampusse’ – traditional devils, that guide St. Nikolaus on the evening of the 5th of December who would remind the children to ‘show good behaviour’.
Krampusse are a cultural heritage that is very popular specifically in the Western part of Austria.
For several hours 12 children created on the 4th of December their own Krampusse, providing them with electronic so that they would move thus their bells ringing.

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Tags: culture, maker movement, makers, social innovation, youth