ZSI launches knowledge discovery tool "Inspiratorium"

22. Nov 2018

ZSI extends the eCraft2Learn toolbox with knowledge discovery tool for maker resources on

The maker movement is gaining traction in recent years, and maker platforms like are valuable repositories for maker education resources. However, in face of the vast amounts of non-curated contents, facilitators struggle to find suitable materials for their students. For this purpose ZSI developed the "Inspiratorium", an online tool that enables users to association drivenly query, based on the most commonly assigned keywords. The Inspiratorium effectively complements the native search, as keywords cannot be queried in the native search and importantly, as users are visually aided to find associations between keywords and thus quickly find useful instructables (e.g. specifying the keywords ‚water‘, ‚wood‘ and ‚kids‘ will point the user to a beautifully creative raft project). Our partner facilitators in the eCraft2Learn consortium were the first to test the Inspiratorium and found it useful for their work and want to recommend it to their peers.

Go to the eCraft2Learn UUI or directly visit the Inspiratorium website and try-out the tool yourself.


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Tags: maker movement, makers, training

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