PSF Report: Towards Open Science – mutual learning for systemic change

9. Jul 2018

A new report on Open Science explores how to improve access to – and use of – research across Europe and beyond

Open Science strives to improve accessibility to and reusability of research practices and outcomes, but currently, there is no common baseline for how to implement Open Science nationally. To address this, a a 13-country mutual learning exercise (MLE) on Open Science has been undertaken, which includes a roadmap, good practice examples and lessons learned.

The Open Science MLE embraced a hands-on, ‘learning by doing’ approach supported by external expertise. Concrete examples, models, best practices and knowledge exchanges fostered broader understanding of the implications and benefits of Open Science strategies, covering key elements of the European Open Science Agenda: 1) The potential of non-traditional metrics or ‘altmetrics’, which go beyond citations of articles; 2) Incentives and rewards for researchers to engage in Open Science activities; 3) Guidelines for developing and implementing national policies for Open Science.

The report rapporteur was Katja Mayer of ZSI.

It can be download here, along with a summary article.

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