New HoRRIzon: First Social Labs launched

23. Mai 2018

ZSI conducts first workshops and creates social labs

On May 14-15 and 17-18 the first workshops creating Social labs within the NewHoRRIzon project took place. ZSI is lab manager of Research Infrastructures including e-infrastructures and Secure, Clean and Efficient Energies. For both workshops we could recrute a very diverse group of participants, highly experienced in their respective fields. After a few team building activities we dived into their current working practices, reflecting and assessing them against aspects addressed by the RRI concept. Due to the interactive and reflective character of our programme we could elaborate aspects that might burden the work and also aspects that might enrich the work.To enable flourishing ideas how to address these aspects we invited our participants to a walkshop in the beautiful gardens of Schönbrunn (when the weather allowed us to). Walking in small groups, participants discussed ideal future visions on RRI integration in their field. Based on formulated future sentences participants in the next steps came up with requirements how to achieve those and how to address open issues. All the collected ideas fed a common pool out of which concrete solutions and ideas for pilot activities were elaborated.  After a final selection process, small teams worked on three ideas for pilot activities and co-created concepts for implementation. We could identify hosts and core working teams for all pilots, further support by social lab team members was assured. The pilot activities will be launched as soon as possible.

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Tags: co-creation, responsible research, RRI

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