EP-DeM Labs - Final European Conference

16. Nov 2017

Exchange of experiences of the four involved cities - Bologna, Cagliari, Dublin and London.

The project EP-DeM Labs – Equity, Participation, Decision Making comes to an end the Final European Conference taking place in Rome wants to bring together actors involved in the process from all the four cities Bologna, Cagliari, Dublin and London and other people interested in the outcomes of the project

The Final European Conference aims to disseminate the experience gathered during the project, to discuss conclusions drawn and issue a EU-wide recommendation for mainstreaming. It targets EU-level policy-makers, public funds’ management authorities, local administrations, international networks on youth, employment and VET, NGO, youth organisations and so on.

EP-Dem Labs wants to engage and enable disadvantaged youth (16-24) in transition moments to express their voices, co-develop and co-deliver projects and measures in a process together with employers and policy-makers.

The laboratories of dialogue and co-design that took place in the last year in Bologna, Cagliari, Dublin and London took the groundbreaking role of permanent generators of knowledge and incubators of innovation in education, training and employment systems.

Registration: if you want to take part in the Final Conference please register with
– participation is free of charge –

Venue: The Confrence takes place at Anpal Servizi – Sala Biagi, Via Guidubaldo del Monte 60 (ANPAL is the National Agency for Labour Market Policies in Italy)

Livestream: if you are not able to attend the conference in Rome you can follow it via livestream on our Youtube channel:

Further Information: If you would like to know more about the EP-DeM Labs please contact

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