Atlas of Social Innovation online

19. Jan 2018

The new Atlas of Social Innovation provides insights into the current trends of Social Innovation across the globe.

The Atlas of Social Innovation gathers leading experts to deliver new intelligence on the diversity of Social Innovation and complements this insight with the results of the international research project SI-DRIVE. The articles reflect the diversity, broadness and usability of Social Innovation in different parts of the world, represent the variety of actors and their interaction and explore the systemic character and concept of Social Innovation. They provide insights into the current trends of Social Innovation research, thereby building up a knowledge repository for a growing community of practitioners, policy makers and researchers. The Atlas of Social Innovation ultimately opens up new avenues to unfold the potential of Social Innovation in the search for new social practices enhancing a secure future evolution and allow people to live a richer and more fulfilled human life.

From ZSI, Jo Hochgerner and Ursula Holtgrewe have provided contributions:

Jürgen Howaldt and Jo Hochgerner: Desperately Seeking: A Shared Understanding of Social Innovation, pp. 17-21

Jo Hochgerner: Empowerment, Co-Creation and Social Innovation Ecosystems, pp. 218-221

Ursula Holtgrewe and Jeremy Millard: Social Innovation Addressing Societal Needs and Challenges, pp. 69-73

All contributions are available online. In addition to the book, from February onwards the world map of Social Innovation will be available to provide comprehensive data and exciting insights into the variety of ideas, solutions, actors, policies, cultural contexts and themes defining and enclosing Social Innovation. It visualizes the myriad of SI initiatives worldwide, spanning policy areas from Education, Employment, Energy Supply and Climate Change, Mobility, Health and Social Care as well as Poverty Reduction. Stakeholders and innovators, policy-makers, scientists, entrepreneurs and everyone interested in the rich world of Social Innovation are welcome to use the map as a source of information, and also to contribute to it by adding such initiatives and activities that are dedicated to addressing the social, economic, political and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

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