Social(i)makers – Boosting the ecosystem for Social Innovation

21. Nov 2017

The Social(i)makers project held its kick-off in Modena, Italy in late October.

The event was hosted by the Lead Partner Fondazione Democenter – Sipe and brought together all of its 13 partner organisations from seven Central European countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland). The aim of the Social(i)makers project is to generate an ecosystem that will boost Social innovation (SI) initiatives. 

In the future, Social innovation (SI) initiatives will play a major role in tackling societal challenges in Central Europe as its civic communities are undergoing structural transformations. However, in order to reach their potential Social innovation (SI) initiatives need a favourable ecosystem that facilitates the implementation of products, services and models to govern these societal transformations. The Social(i)makers project will improve the SI capacities of Central Europe by teaching financiers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and citizens how to actually play the game as Social (i)nnovation Makers. In doing so, the project will contribute to generating the ecosystem as a bottom-up result of the inter-actions between the Social(i)makers.

Among other activities, ZSI will be responsible for facilitating the emergence of a transnational territory-based SI capacity-building strategy.

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