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24. Jul 2017

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The ResInfra@DR project focuses on research infrastructures (RI) in the Danube macro-region. The project offers mutual learning opportunities for policy makers and the policy delivery organisations involved in the financing, parent organisations arranging the operation of research infrastructures and the interested public.

ResInfra@DR publishes expert news and relevant event recommendations on a regular basis (available on the project website): Processing all information the project newsletter offers an excellent way to stay in touch with the ResInfra@DR community and to learn more about opportunities in the Danube macro-region and beyond!

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The newsletter will be published (at least) on a yearly to a half-yearly basis. In order to subscribe to the ResInfra@DR newsletter please send an email to

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To contribute to the online discourse please use for example #ResInfra, #DanubeRegion, #STI or #RTDI.

ResInfra@DR is co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA).

Image Source: Arrow, ©Josep Ma. Rosell via Flickr, CCBY


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